Lynn Alves

Position: Professor and research

Website: www.lynn.pro

Contact email: lynnalves@gmail.com

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About me

Has a degree in Education from the Faculty of Education of Bahia (1985), Masters (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in Education from the Federal University of Bahia. The Post-doctorate was in the area of electronic games and learning from the Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy. She is currently an titular professor and researcher at the SENAI-CIMATEC-Regional Department of Bahia (Center for Computational Modeling) and the University of Bahia. She has experience in Education, conducting research on the following topics: gaming, interactivity, online learning and education. Coordinates research and development projects in digital games such as Triad (FINEP / FAPESB / UNEB), Buzios: echoes of freedom (FAPESB), Forest Guardians (CNPq), Brazil 2014: towards the Hexa (SEC-Ba), Games studies (FAPESB), among others. The productions of the research group is available at URL: www.comunidadesvirtuais.pro.br

Position: Professor and research

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Contact emaillynnalves@gmail.com




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