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Creating a learning package by using openscout.net portal for source material

Openscout.net portal offers a great variety of learning materials relating to subjects such as ma...gement and leadership. Using the portal a learning package about employee motiva...to search material needed for creating a learning package. In this scenario a P...

2173 days ago

Recreating abstract and artistic images reusing photo

Learning materials can be more creative when present artistic images. "Drawing is extremely helpful when doing creative work" There are many easy-to-use  applicat...

2252 days ago

Collaborative adapting of Word resource

  University teacher in Finland is working on a basic business and IT co...ke to help, he decides to look for collaborative tools from OpenScout "Tools" page.  He wants to use some collaborative tools but he's not sure which...part of their course prepared in a collabor...

2385 days ago

Create educational game

Educational games are popular e-learning instrument. They can be used as stand-alone applications, as compleme...ovides feedback report to the player and can be compatible to other e-learning content.  

2444 days ago

Packaging (preparing for LMS) web materials for SMEs

University of Jyväskylä had created a couple of years back training materials fo...package them and prepare them in a way that they could be easily ran through Learning Management Systems or other S...

2444 days ago

Adapting and improving OER with Social Media and Digital Learning Styles

...re aware of the importance of digital learning styles for developing interesting learning activities. Their aim is to h...e learners will reflect about digital learning styles and create new le...or communicating their ideas, working collaboratively and sharing their...

2449 days ago

Collaborative learning activity using online surveys and social networks

...countries are interested in planning a collaborative social learning activity for engaging their studen...k, which are gaining force, one of the learning objectives is to be able to p...p;and social networks for running this collaborative learning activity.

2482 days ago

Remixing OER with different formats for creating a learning path map

Learners are invited to create a learning path map by remixing different kinds of OER...y remix content and questions for creating a learning path map. This learning...ons about the content,  feedback of the learning path map and comments about t...

2486 days ago



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