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Internationalization of OER: a Success Case From OpenScout

...hing collaborations: teaching collaboratively using ICT to faciltita...ulations, working papers, pdf learning documents, case studies), lessons...t were used. As a basis for a collaborative teaching effort, four different learning materials were used: ESCP...

2074 days ago

GoogleDocs (adapting pdf, doc, rtf, ppt, csv)

As a part of our adaptation recommendations, we propose easy ways to modify pdf, doc, rtf, ppt and csv files. One easy w...xport it to various format types.   What is it? GoogleDocs is a free collabor...

2558 days ago

Adaptation best practices – “how to localize?”

...ne To adjust for a different learning environment To address diver...s why you would like to use a learning resource across-borders, and...the references found in older learning resources might be missed, or...livered with a specific Learning Management System (Moodle etc...

2074 days ago

Steps to successful OER re-use

In the following, we show the envisaged steps of content re-use...here a share-alike requirement, and do you have a learning repository you could use for...ave a repository that could be used for uploading learning resources. 2. Do you have ac...

2074 days ago

OER: What does the concept mean?

The UNESCO defined OER as "technology-enabled, op...different objects, such as digital learning objects, software tools like...research field is how to make learning objects (specific digital obj...y planning and designing their learning experiences – this clas...

2074 days ago



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