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Lynn Rosalina Gama Alves

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 21 false false false...ctorate was in the area of ​​electronic games and learning from the Università de...e following topics: gaming, interactivity, online learning and education. Coordinates re...

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Welcome to Enterprise Cultural Heritage group @OpenScout

Quality and Innovation in Vocational Training for Enterprise Cu...tion and Training) VET practices for non-formal learning. The development of new compe...ity of a specific training package, organised in learning objects, deployed onto a sui...

2283 days ago

Introdução sobre o conceito de Recursos Educacionais Abertos

COLEARN / TOOL LIBRARY        ...cational Resources Through Knowledge Maps to Enhance Meaningful Learning. In: International Conference on Learning, LEARNING2008.  Univer...

2386 days ago

Coletividade de Pesquisa

...UNESCO, Paris, 2006.Okada, A. Knowledge Media Technologies for Open Learning in Online Communities.The Internat...is, A., Okada, A., Little, S. and Connolly, T. (2011) Supporting the Collaborative Adaptation of Open Educa...

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Tools for finding OER Language Box Language Box is a new way...HE institutions to publish excellent teaching and learning resources openly on the web....at the Open University, UK. GLOBE GLOBE (Global Learning Objects Brokering Exchange) i...

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Tools for finding OER FolkSemantic Analyzes th...ions. XPERT XPERT (Xerte Public E-learning ReposiTory) is a JISC funded...rting a distributed repository of e-learning resources created and seamles...platform to share publicly licensed learning resources (OER/OCW) with the...

2500 days ago

OER and adaptation handbook

This is a collection of best practices for the adaptation of learning materials and explains what we understa...of the resource will increase, and the learning outcomes of the resource woul...few issues to consider when re-using a learning resource across different bor...

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