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European survey on the training & usage of Assistive Technologies

ATLEC (Assistive Technology Learning Through a Unified Curriculum – www.atlec-project.eu) is currently conducting a European survey on the training and usage of assistive technologies (AT).

2125 days ago

Enterprise Cultural Heritage Free training program

Link to e-learning section of project website, embedding slideshare resources and partner language translation

2283 days ago


Internationalization of OER: a Success Case From OpenScout

...hing collaborations: teaching collaboratively using ICT to faciltita...ulations, working papers, pdf learning documents, case studies), lessons...t were used. As a basis for a collaborative teaching effort, four different learning materials were used: ESCP...

2074 days ago

GoogleDocs (adapting pdf, doc, rtf, ppt, csv)

As a part of our adaptation recommendations, we propose easy ways to modify pdf, doc, rtf, ppt and csv files. One easy w...xport it to various format types.   What is it? GoogleDocs is a free collabor...

2558 days ago

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Lynn Rosalina Gama Alves

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 21 false false false...ctorate was in the area of ​​electronic games and learning from the Università de...e following topics: gaming, interactivity, online learning and education. Coordinates re...

2200 days ago

Welcome to Enterprise Cultural Heritage group @OpenScout

Quality and Innovation in Vocational Training for Enterprise Cu...tion and Training) VET practices for non-formal learning. The development of new compe...ity of a specific training package, organised in learning objects, deployed onto a sui...

2283 days ago


Cmap Tools

What is it?   The free IHMC Cmap Tools software enables...rce concept mapping software utilized as a visual learning tool used to organize, presen...make comments. This process provides interactive learning among students of all differe...

2214 days ago

PRIME Toolbox

UPDATE: This tool is no longer supported. What is it? The PRIME project aims in modelling, creating and evaluating a Virtual Business Environment (VBE) for learning the entire life cycle of prod...

2230 days ago


Creating a learning package by using openscout.net portal for source material

Openscout.net portal offers a great variety of learning materials relating to subjects such as ma...gement and leadership. Using the portal a learning package about employee motiva...to search material needed for creating a learning package. In this scenario a P...

2173 days ago

Recreating abstract and artistic images reusing photo

Learning materials can be more creative when present artistic images. "Drawing is extremely helpful when doing creative work" There are many easy-to-use  applicat...

2252 days ago


Collaborative learning activity using online surveys and social networks

A group of Lecturers from different countries are interested in planning a collaborative social learning activity for engaging their students to investigate together about social media to opening up possibilities for companies to foster interaction around their products and services. To understa...

Tags: social networks, online surveys, collaborative learning

2482 days ago

Ale Okada

  I am  a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, UK. I am also a guest Lecturer at Getúlio Vargas Foundation FGV Online Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the University of the Arts London, UK. My current research focuses on OER and Social Media. I have been working in ...

Tags: open educational resources, collaborative learning, social media, knowledge mapping

1310 days ago




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