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Cmap Tools

What is it?   The free IHMC Cmap Tools software enables users to construct, navigate and share knowledge models represented as Concept Maps.   CMap Tools  is an open-source concept mapping software utilized as a visual learning tool used to organize, present, and share knowledge...

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2454 days ago

Knowledge Management Support System (KMSS)

UPDATE: This tool is no longer supported. What is it? The Knowledge Management Support System (KMSS) supports project managers of an organization with a sustainable introduction of an integrated knowledge management approach. Main objective is to avoid common barriers that occur during the ...

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2454 days ago

E4 System

UPDATE: This tool is no longer supported. What is it? The E4 collaboration environment is an effective, integrated, easy to understand, user friendly and low cost platform which combines the following functions into just one platform:  Project Management  Project Monitoring an...

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2470 days ago


What is it? Photosynth is a powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D. You can share these views with your friends on Facebook, publish them to Bing Maps, or embed them in your own Web site. Here’s the big picture: Who is it for? Any User interested in a free image ...

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Ale Okada

  I am  a Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, UK. I am also a guest Lecturer at Getúlio Vargas Foundation FGV Online Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the University of the Arts London, UK. My current research focuses on OER and Social Media. I have been working in ...

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What is it? Make a Path is a tool that allows users to create easily navigable paths through web-based resources (Henson, 2007d) (see http://www.makeapath.org). Paths are made publicly available on the Make a Path Web site and are available in HTML, RSS, and RDF formats. To create a pathway, use...

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2729 days ago


What is it? A free collaborative online mind mapping tool. Who is it for? General public. How does it work? Users need a browser and to open an account. Mind42.com allows management of ideas individually or in groups by using images, links to external websites and by adding notes. Collaborat...

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What is it? A free web-based application for online brainstorming. Who is it for? General public. Anyone with an interst in organising and sharing their ideas in diagramatic form. How does it work? Users need an account. bubbl.us allows the creation of mind maps, collaborative work, and shar...

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2729 days ago


What is it? An online mind mapping software that allows users to visualise their thinking in the form of diagrams containing words, ideas, tasks, etc, which are interlinked to a central key idea. Who is it for? Mindmeister can be used by anyone who needs to organise their thoughts. Recently Mi...

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2729 days ago


What is it? FreeMind is a free mind mapping application written in Java. FreeMind is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It provides extensive export capabilities. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X via the Java Runtime Environment.   As with other mind mapping so...

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