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Preparing a HR-seminar and HR management strategy for NGO-actor

...blished via Google Docs. The OpenScout lacked material targeted...re SME oriented and added few resources we came across. These new resources were about NGO risk managemen...on: We used http://learn.openscout.net/resource.html?loid=Learni...

2189 days ago

Create educational game

...activity. In order to create educational game, the teacher needs to ve...the game - game specifics - educational specifics Then there should...ifferent available multimedia resources and tools and to be supported b...er-friend tool for developing educational games. It provides feedback...

2444 days ago

Combining various documents belonging together into 1 single PDF file

Suppose you have collected various resources (possibly with different file formats) on a specific theme you want to teach (or study). You could make all these files available individually...

2444 days ago

How can I create ePub files from my books?

The ePub format is an open standard for ebooks by the International Digital...hand" or by using a tool. Since it's an open standard, anyone can make a p...te: works on Firefox mobile) Lucidor Openberg...lets you instantly and effortlessly turn Open Offi...

2229 days ago

Designing Striking Presentations

Need to compile a large number and variety of material in one class/Prezi presentation. At the same tim...chy and exciting to the students. Some of the included material are OpenScout resources such as PowerPoint and Google...

2489 days ago



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