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Internationalization of OER: a Success Case From OpenScout

One promising use case for Open Educational Resources is the internationalizat...n. One of the focuses of OpenScout has been the facilitation of in...Keep track of re-uses of your resources. Many materials in OpenScout were downloaded but ther...

2074 days ago

Adaptation best practices – “how to localize?”

This page highlights some of the main aspects for adaptation ide...delivery format? If not, OpenScout offers tools for adapting you...iles to be able to adapt such resources.   What do you a....txt and .rtf formats can be opened with any word-processing program...

2074 days ago

Steps to successful OER re-use

...ries provide direct access to resources, so it might be useful j...your updated resource? Note: OpenScout have a repository that could be used for uploading learning resources. 2. Do you have access to th...ted the materials? Share your open educational practice and your experienc...

2074 days ago

OER: What does the concept mean?

...d OER as "technology-enabled, open provision of educational resources for consultation, use an...vailable and re-usable. These resources are purposefully created for educational purposes. This includes...is connect to the concept of Open Access (Björk, 2004, Baile...

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