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Welcome to Enterprise Cultural Heritage group @OpenScout

Quality and Innovation in Vocational Training for Enterprise Cultural Heritage...specific training package, organised in learning objects, deployed onto a suitable open sour...

2283 days ago

Introdução sobre o conceito de Recursos Educacionais Abertos

...ipatory design for creating Open Educational Resources using social media. &nbs...de Abertura – “openness”  é constitu&i...al aberto – “open educational resources” e movimento aberto &nd...

2386 days ago

Atividade 02 FM

...ccedil;o virtual social criado pelo projeto OpenScout [Projeto financiado pela...tiva [wiki] Coletividade de Pesquisa http://openscout.kmi.open.ac.uk/tool-libr...ordm; lançamento no Congresso “Open Educational Resources 2012” , em Cambridge.&n...

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Atividade 01

Atividade 1 Fig. 01: Imagem Educacional Aberta de Coletividades de Pesquisa Autora: Colearn-AleOkadaFonte: WIKIMEDIA http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia...

2404 days ago

Coletividade de Pesquisa

...laborative Adaptation of Open Educational Resources: The OpenScout Tool Library, Demo at World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia &...daptation of Open Educational Resources, Open Educational Resources 2...tugal, URL: http://people.kmi.open.ac.uk/ale/papers/Okada_Edmedia11.p...

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...ublishing Humanities teaching resources on the web. This project is part of a wider Open Educational Resources initiative funded...rricula. LORO LORO contains resources for language teaching availab...lemish government and several educational partners.

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...ur web page. Helps users find resources that match their interes...uted repository of e-learning resources created and seamlessly published through the open source e-learning development tool...ldquo;glueing together” open education resources (OERs) and integrating with p...

2500 days ago

OER and adaptation handbook

...terials and explains what we understand as Open Educational Resources (OER). With this user gu...Please notice that within the duration of OpenScout project, we will enable users w...ationalization of OER: A Success Case From OpenScout Summary  The goal...

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